This Year I wanted to be better at planning and getting stuff done.

I look at ever planner in Target, Walmart and most of Amazon, but could not find the one the let me plan the day out and plan my mind out. So I just made my own.

And I would like you to have it also. This is just a pdf you can print out. It is made to print on both sides of the page and then be 3 ring punched or spiral bound. It has worked great for me for 3 months. Let me know what you think.

The Dots are 10mm apart so you can draft stuff out. I use the lines to just keep a short daily journal. The other side I plan out the day. I keep appointments and check off the stuff I have done. I like to keep a list on the far right of just little things that can be done any time. The Check boxes can be used on either side. Really try it for a week and write down everything you say you will do, it has helped me a ton.