30 reasons Eric should teach in Hurricane! 

1. Peach days Rodeo.

2 The Fun Peach Days Parade.

3. Potato Fundraiser make money with out having to do a dance

4. FFA Funds- speaking of fundraiser, because the FFA has been doing these there is money in the bank. You could take kids to WLC...

5. Lots of money saved up in FFA and scholarship accounts.

6.Drive your tractor to school day.



7. Admin and secretaries are the best! Jody Rich is a good man who supports the Ag program! 


8. New facility.

9. Freezer full of animals! The Esplins will help add to the stash.

10. New greenhouse. but it could use some work with the tanks and stuff. 


11.  Alumni program will be started. Ashlee needs something to do.

12. You can have goats.

13. Kids that care about Ag! 

14. Really great FFA Traditions! 

15. Mud football.

16. Fugitive.

17. FFA week.

18. FFA Food Friday.

19.Lighting the H for Homecoming!

20. Access to all of Mrs. Esplin's saved resources!

21. Great local people that will support FFA! 

22. Kathy Iverson 

23. Kelby Iverson 


24. About a million Wadsworths

25. Dan Melin.

26. The Beutler family. 

27. FFA membership is 60 strong 

28. And they actually come to activities! 

29. Even service projects! 

30. Tractor Supply loves FFA and is right down the street! They will donate left and right. 

***Bonus Reason ***