Fire-Arms Class

Feel safer, shoot better. 



Utah is filled with opportunities to get involved with shooting sports. Prices and selection for self-defense handguns are great. There are several high-quality firearms training companies throughout the state.

Yet, for some reason, we find people who aren't sure where to start. They may be intimidated by gun stores, or they may have no one to get them started on the basics. Perhaps they moved to Utah from less liberty-oriented states.


Why we teach this class

A group of us have decided to start conducting periodic classes designed to take complete beginners, people who aren't sure where to start or who to ask, and build up their knowledge and skills such that they have a foundation to build on. We can get you started.

If you would like to get involved with firearms for recreation or self defense and you don't have someone to show you the basics, this class is perfect.


What to expect 

We will cover safety, the mechanical operations of a variety of handguns their operation, handling, etiquette, places to shoot, gun and ammunition selection, events in our area, the lingo, and of course we will go shooting.

We have a variety of handguns in a variety of calibers available to shoot, and you can bring your own.

This isn't a commando self-defense course or a high-end competition course. We will cover all the basics such that you can go on to build your skills yourself as well as go on to higher-level training.



  • We anticipate 2 Wednesday nights of classroom instruction (April 19th and 26) and 1 Saturday morning for live-fire (April 29). Class room is 90 minutes to 2 hours. and Range day is 4 hours.  Wednesday classroom seasons are located in Bloomington hills. 

Fee for the class will be $100 per student for the three sessions.


Please Contact Kaber Esplin if you would like to sign up for this class 

call or text  435.616.1336


Frequently asked questions 

Do you need a to bring your own gun? 

No, we have one you can use but if you have a gun you would like to practice with and learn more about please feel free to bring it, but let use know

Is there an age requirement?

 At least 14, But if this is your child you should take the class with them.

Is this good for scouts?

 Yes! We have great curriculum for scouts. or Young women.